Pastor Chuck has faithfully served as the Senior Pastor of Community Church Of Columbus (CCC) since 1994.  He has boldly preached the Word, followed God’s will for CCC and made a difference in the lives of the people at CCC and in our community.  We are blessed Pastor Chuck has been our spiritual leader, mentor and friend.

God tells us in both Isaiah 43:19 and Revelation 21:5 He will do new things.  New things are part of God’s plan for us. They always have been. They always be.  With that in mind, we will begin a new time for CCC as Pastor Chuck completes his 25th year at CCC in May of 2019 and transitions into the next phase of life for him and his family.  This decision was not made lightly or suddenly, but after much prayer, discernment and thought. We know God has great things in store for CCC and Pastor Chuck as we both move on in our spiritual journeys.  We also know as we go through this transition, all that happens will be for God’s glory and for building His kingdom.


Our elders have developed a transition plan.  The elders are working closely with Pastor Chuck and our staff to implement the plan.  Together we are taking a deep, thorough look at CCC to determine the best way to add to, and enhance, our pastoral staff.  We are following where we believe the Holy Spirit is leading us.

We are searching for a candidate who has spiritual gifts that compliment and strengthen our pastoral staff.  Additionally, we are searching for a candidate who understands who we are, understands our culture and history, and, most importantly, uncompromisingly believes our statement of faith and core values.  

As we go through this process, we will strive to find the best fit for CCC.  We will consider both internal candidates and candidates who are not currently part of CCC.   We will let the Holy Spirit lead us in our search. God’s timing is always perfect and we will let this process unfold on His timing, not ours.


The Elders will provide periodic updates to the congregation about the status of the transition.  You can also check this space for updates. The Elders will be visiting as many small groups as possible to let you know about the transition.  


James 5:16 tells us God hears the prayers of the righteous.  As result, you can pray for:

  1.  God’s will to be done as we go through the transition
  2.  Continued unity for CCC
  3. The candidate God will rise up to join our pastoral staff
  4. The elders and staff
  5. Our continued growth as disciples
  6. Our commitment to making disciples
  7.  Pastor Chuck and his family


If you have any questions about the transition process, please feel free to contact the elders.  The current elders are:

 Glen Euler  Joe Meek  Tim Walton
 Steve Fisher  Phil Miles  Randy Ward
 Clark Holland  Jim Newell  Kyle Vanzant


Contact an elder with questions at: 

We acknowledge change can be hard.  Change can also be exciting and good, especially when the Holy Spirt leads the change.  Despite the changes that are ahead, CCC will not change who we are and what we believe. God will lead. We will follow.  We always have. We always will.