Pastor Chuck has faithfully served as the Senior Pastor of Community Church Of Columbus (CCC) since 1994.  He has boldly preached the Word, followed God’s will for CCC and made a difference in the lives of the people at CCC and in our community.  We are blessed Pastor Chuck has been our spiritual leader, mentor and friend.

God tells us in both Isaiah 43:19 and Revelation 21:5 He will do new things.  New things are part of God’s plan for us. They always have been. They always be.  With that in mind, we will begin a new time for CCC as Pastor Chuck completes his 25thyear at CCC in May of 2019 and transitions into the next phase of life for him and his family.  This decision was not made lightly or suddenly, but after much prayer, discernment and thought. We know God has great things in store for CCC and Pastor Chuck as we both move on in our spiritual journeys.  We also know as we go through this transition, all that happens will be for God’s glory and for building His kingdom.


The transition process is continuing and we have a few updates to share with the CCC community. First off, we graciously appreciate the prayer and support that we have received as we seek divine direction in planning the process and considering decisions that must be made during the transition.

A search team for the Lead Pastor position has been formed and they are meeting regularly to set in motion the search process. Stan Hill has agreed to lead the team with the following team members.

Bob Christman

Hannah Poore

Kat Moman

Sherie Bolick

Rodney Lucas

Randy Ward

Steve Fisher

 We ask that you lift this team in prayer as they seek the person that God has chosen to faithfully serve this church. We also ask that you give them the courtesy of privacy as they work through the search process. Questions and suggestions are always welcome, however we ask that you direct your communication with the elders. You can email the elders at . You are also welcome to speak with the elders directly.

As we mentioned in a previous update, Tim Walton will start as interim Teaching Pastor on March 1st. He will step away from the elder board at that time. Joe Meek has assumed the role of chairman effective February 1st.

We continue to be excited for the community here at CCC as we transition into our future as disciples and followers of Christ. Not only in this city, but in mission opportunities around the world. We will continue to uphold our core values and what we believe, who we are as a church body, and will not compromise these truths. We welcome your continued prayer for unity, our growth as disciples, and God’s will to be done. Also, prayer for Pastor Chuck and Emily as they transition into their next phase of life as the hands and feet of Christ.


There are a couple ways you can learn more about the transition.  First, the elders are willing to meet with your small group.  If you would like the elders to visit with your small group, please contact Pastor John (  ) to arrange the visit. Second, you can contact the elders at   with your questions.


Traditionally, our Senior Pastor has been responsible for the majority of the preaching as well as leading the pastoral staff.  After careful thought and consideration, we have divided those duties into two separate and distinct roles.  


First, we have created the role of Lead Pastor.  We are still defining the Lead Pastor’s responsibilities.  We anticipate, however, the Lead Pastor will lead the pastoral staff, be responsible for long term planning, make sure we stay true to what we believe and who we are and cast the vision of CCC’s mission and ministry to the congregation and pastoral staff.  The Lead Pastor will also have various administrative duties. Further, the Lead Pastor will have some preaching responsibilities.  The pastoral staff will report directly to the Lead Pastor. The Lead Pastor will report to, and work closely with, the elders.

All our pastoral staff will continue to do what they are doing now.  Pastor Luke will continue as Pastor Of Discipleship.  Pastor John will still be our Pastor Of Community Life. Scott Hundley will continue as our Director Of Counseling.  He will continue to lead our Chinese Fellowship and Pastor Frank will still lead our Hispanic Fellowship.  Jacob Foster will remain as our worship leader.  Adam Smith will continue as our Youth Ministry Director. Karen Shelton will still be our Children’s Ministry Director and Emily Gloeckner will serve as our Early Childhood Ministry Director.  


Second, we have created the role of Teaching Pastor.  Although we are fine-tuning the Teaching Pastor’s duties, we expect the Teaching Pastor to lead the preaching team.  The Teaching Pastor will work with the preaching team to determine preaching topics and sermon series.  Additionally, the Teaching Pastor will preach on a regular basis, make sure all our preaching is biblically sound and work with our worship leader to be sure our worship remains God honoring, God focused, vibrant and relevant.  The Teaching Pastor will report to the Lead Pastor.

We are pleased to announce Tim Walton will serve as interim Teaching Pastor starting March 1, 2019. Pastor Chuck, and others, will continue to preach between now and then.  

With these changes, our pastoral staff will be organized like this:


A rotational preaching model means members of our pastoral staff will preach on a common topic on rotational basis. It is very similar to the preaching model we are following now.  Pastor Chuck, Pastor Luke, Pastor John, Tim Walton, Adam Smith and Scott Hundley will all be part of the preaching rotation.  In March of 2019, Pastor Chuck will start preaching less and others on the preaching team will preach more often.  


We will continue to finalize job descriptions for both the Lead Pastor and the Teaching Pastor. Since Tim Walton will serve as interim Teaching Pastor, our primary focus will be on selecting the Lead Pastor.  We will look for someone who shares our values, understands our culture and whose spiritual gifts complement and enhance the gifts of our pastoral staff. Although we would like to have an Lead Pastor on staff by March of 2019, we will let this process unfold on God’s timing and not on our timing.  If necessary, we will consider an interim Lead Pastor.


There are three ways you can learn more about the transition.  First, there will be a question and answer session with the elders in the worship center after second service on December 9, 2018.  Second, the elders are willing to meet with your small group.  If you would like the elders to visit with your small group, please contact Pastor John ( ) to arrange the visit.  Third, you can contact the elders at   with your questions.

Our current elders are:

 Glen Euler

 Joe Meek

 Tim Walton

 Steve Fisher

 Phil Miles

 Randy Ward

 Clark Holland

 Jim Newell

 Kyle Vanzant



Please pray with us for:

  • God’s Will To Be Done As We Continue The Transition Process
  • Our Continued Unity
  • Our Growth As Disciples
  • Our Commitment To Make Disciples
  • The Elders And Staff
  • Pastor Chuck And His Family



We understand change can be challenging. Change can also be good and exciting, especially when the Holy Spirit leads the change.  As we go through this transition together, please remember these four things. First, the Holy Spirit will guide every decision we make.  Second, we must be unified and work together through, and after, the transition. Third, our goal is to make the transition as seamless as possible.  Fourth, we will never change or compromise what we believe, our core values and who we are.

This is an exciting time to be at CCC.  We know God will accomplish mighty and powerful things if we commit our plan to Him. We look forward to what God has in mind for CCC as we work together, grow together as disciples and make disciples together.  The Holy Spirit will lead.  We will follow.