One of our top values at CCC is creating an authentic community of people who encourage one another through relationships with each other and in Christ.

We strongly encourage everyone at CCC to intentionally connect through a Small Group. Small Groups make a large and diverse church body more connected through genuine fellowship and by sharing life together. 

Search our Small Group Directory below to find a Small Group that fits your needs! We also encourage newcomers to try more than one Small Group to experience a fit that is sustainable. All of our Small Groups vary from age, stage in life, meeting frequency, and location. Choose one below that meets your current needs and reach out to the leader about visiting their Small Group!

Interested in becoming a Small Group leader? contact John Bundick, Director of Community Life.

Should you need further assistance in connecting with a small group please feel free to contact John Bundick at  .




Jen's High School Girls

Group Type: Women, Young Adults, Student

Led by: Jenn Potts

Location: Jenn's Home

Contact: Jenn Potts | (308) 249-2396 

Notes: Small group for high school girls, ages 14-18, and meets every other Thursday evening. 

Better Together Adoptive Support Group

Thursday | 6:00 pm | 3850 N. Marr Rd. Columbus IN 47203

Led by: Dana Bowling Group Type: Support Group

Location: CCC

Contact: Dana Bowling & Beth Long | (812) 348-6257 |

Notes: Join our support group for parents that have adopted or in the process of adopting. On the third Thursday of each month, our meeting features a speaker with discussion and fellowship. Childcare provided.

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Chinese Fellowship Study Group

| 3850 N. Marr Rd. Columbus IN 47203

Group Type: Family, Chinese, Bible Study Group

Location: CCC Room 304

Contact: Shihan Li | (605) 695-6530 |   

Notes: Attend the Chinese Church night of fellowship and find smaller study groups. Current studies offered include Old Testament, New Testament, and Parenting. All groups conducted in both Chinese and English.  Childcare provided. 


Mom's Chinese-Speaking Bible Study

Thursday | 9:30 am

Group Type: Women, Chinese

Location: Yuxia Household

Contact: Yuxia Wang | (812) 371-3946 |   

Notes: Find fellowship and community with this Chinese-speaking group of moms to study the Bible.


Women's Chinese-Speaking Bible Study

Wednesday | 9:00 am

Group Type: Women, Bible Study Group

Location: Nanyan Household 

Contact: Theresa Hill | (812) 378-4082 |  

Notes: Join this English-speaking group of women to study the Bible. 


Young Professionals Bible Study

Tuesday | 7:30 pm | 200 Jackson St, Columbus, IN 47201 Columbus IN 47201

Led by: Shihan Li Group Type: Chinese, Bible Study Group

Location: The Cole Apartments 

Contact: Shihan Li | (605) 695-6530 |   

Notes: If you're a young professional seeking God's Word, join this group for Bible Study and a chance to network. 


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Friday | 6:30 pm

Location: Host Rotates

Contact: Mark & Emily Lambrecht | (812) 371-2958 or (812) 603-4431 | or or Kenny & Nicole Harrison | (812) 343-3990 |

Notes: We are a fun group of people that enjoys sharing life together