One of our top values at CCC is creating an authentic community of people who encourage one another through relationships with each other and in Christ.

We strongly encourage everyone at CCC to intentionally connect through a Small Group. Small Groups make a large and diverse church body more connected through genuine fellowship and by sharing life together. 

Search our Small Group Directory below to find a Small Group that fits your needs! We also encourage newcomers to try more than one Small Group to experience a fit that is sustainable. All of our Small Groups vary in age, stage in life, meeting frequency, and location. Choose one below that meets your current needs and reach out to the leader about visiting their Small Group!

Interested in becoming a Small Group leader? contact Pastor Luke Erb, Associate Pastor.

Should you need further assistance in connecting with a small group, please feel free to contact Pastor Luke at the link above, or call 812-376-9478.




Women's Community Book Club

Thursday | 7:00 pm | 3850 N. Marr Rd. Columbus IN 47203

Group Type: Women

Date/Time: Monthly on Thursdays at 7pm

Location: CCC

Contact: Terri Belden |   

Notes: Find this month’s book to read here

Eastern Gate

Friday | 7:00 pm

Date/Time: Fridays at First and Third Fridays at 7pm

Location: At the Wallace’s

Contact: Lynn & Larry Detweiler | (812) 546-4986 | or Pam & Jeff Wallace | 812) 579-5669 |

Notes: We meet for prayer and study

Preschool Fun Morning

Friday | 9:30 am | 3850 N. Marr Rd. Columbus IN 47203

Group Type: Family

Date/Time: Third Friday of Each month at 9:30am

Location: CCC Children’s Wing

Contact: Emily Gloeckner | (812) 376-9478 |

Notes: A gathering to play in the children’s wing for parents & preschoolers.

Erazo Youth Small Group

Saturday | 5:00 pm

Group Type: Hispanic

Location: At the Erazo’s

Contact: Juan & Mapi Erazo | (786) 609-3519 |

Notes: Meets for fellowship and study

Hispanic Bible Study Group

Sunday | 12:15 pm | 3850 N. Marr Rd. Columbus IN 47203

Group Type: Hispanic

Location: CCC Room 403

Contact: Frank Escoto |

Notes: Directly after Hispanic Church service, this Spanish-speaking group meets to further discuss the sermon by unpacking Biblical truths.

Preteen Girls (Grades 4-6)

Sunday | 6:00 pm | 3850 N. Marr Rd. Columbus IN 47203

Group Type: Women, Student, Children

Date/Time: Monthly, Sundays at 6pm

Location: CCC Room

Contact: Karen Shelton | (812) 376-9478 | or Keri Combs | (812) 376-9478 |

Notes: Please see the calendar to find details on when we next meet.