Chinese Church

哥伦布市华人基督教会由一群在印第安纳州哥伦布市的弟兄姐妹们在主的带领下成立的, 现在隶属于Community Church of Columbus。我们教会的目的是为了哥伦布市基督徒们的灵性在主里成长, 同时也把主的福音传遍整个华人社区, 让更多的人看到并接受主耶稣基督的荣耀。哥伦布市华人基督教会每周都有主日崇拜, 门徒训练,团契查经和儿童事工等。我们热诚的欢迎所有弟兄姐妹和福音朋友加入教会的服侍和活动。让我们在主里合一, 与主同行, 与主同工。

Community Church of Columbus Chinese (CCCC) is founded by the Chinese Christians in Columbus, IN, as one part of Community Church of Columbus. The purpose of CCCC is developing the Chinese Christians’ spiritual growth in Christ and sharing the Gospel to the whole Chinese community and let more people see and live in the glory of Jesus Christ. CCCC has Sunday morning worship, discipleship training, Friday fellowship and Children ministry every week. We welcome all brothers, sisters and friends come to join us. Let us unite in Christ, live in Christ and work in Christ.

中文主日崇拜: 星期日 10:30 am (除了每月第一个主日)

英文主日崇拜: 星期日10:30 am (每月第一个主日)

团契查经: 星期五 7:30pm – 9:30pm 提供儿童看护。

联系人: 李世瀚 605-695-6530

杨立功  812-671-0027

田琛刚   317-654-0932

Chinese Worship: Sunday 10:30am, Room 304 (except first Sunday of each month)

English Worship: Sunday 10:30am, Room 304 (first Sunday of each month)

Fellowship: Friday 7:30pm–9:30pm, childcare is provided

Contact: Shihan Li, 605-695-6530. Ligong Yang, 812-671-0027. Leo Tian, 317-654-0932.