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Your request is to be submitted a minimum of two weeks in advance. All events, speakers, and topics must have Elder approval. You must be a CCC member to submit a Ministry or Non-Ministry Request.

Fees for non-ministry events

  • Classrooms - $10 per hour for each room used. ($20 minimum - $50 maximum charge per room, per day)
  • Worship Center - $100 for the first hour + $35 for each additional hour. (Standard use of the room with our sound or projection. These fees cover HVAC and custodial fees.)
  • Worship Center Chair Removal and Resetting - $250.
  • Large Rooms (216, Youth Room, Kid's Community Upstairs Rooms) - $20 per hour for each room used. ($20 minimum - $60 maximum charge per room, per day.)
  • Sound & Production Technicians - $40 base pay + $20 per hour.
  • All fees are to be paid at the CCC main office no later than 24 hours prior to the event.

Facility Request Form

Important Information

Please refrain from publicizing your event until this Request Form has been formally approved. Should any details of your event change or if your event might be cancelled, please notify the church office as soon as possible so we can update the website.

Only CCC-trained technicians may operate the soundboard, computer equipment, and microphones. Availability of a CCC technician will determine use of the equipment and room.

If you are planning on using the nursery rooms or areas in the children’s wing, permission from our Children’s Ministries Directors must be obtained separately–No area/room may be used without permission. CCC-approved adult supervision is required for all children on premise.