Community Downtown is an initiative of the Community Church of Columbus, providing help for marriage, family, budget, recovery, and individual issues. We have an off-site facility that houses counseling and various support groups for the community and are proud to provide counseling that is both Biblically sound and clinically effective. We also have, on a limited basis, counselors fluent in Spanish, and Mandarin Chinese. 

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Although we wish we could help everyone that is need, our staff size limits the number of appointments available.

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  1. We'll first ask you several questions in order to learn more about your needs. Any person over the age of 18 must submit this information themselves — minors will need a parent or guardian. This information can be filled out in person, over the phone, or via email.

  2. Our director will review and attempt to pair new clients with a counselor in our office. We’ll assist with referring you to another office should our counselors be unable to take on any new clients at a given time.

  3. The person requesting counseling will receive a call from our staff to let them know whether they’ve been paired with a counselor or if they should expect a referral elsewhere. Their assigned counselor will make contact in order to set up the first session.

Counseling services are provided at no cost, yet donations are appreciated. Once you have decided to use our counseling services, we review and assess each client and pair them accordingly with one of our contract, lay, or professional counselors.


We offer many types of support groups, programs, and courses that can be used in conjunction with individual counseling or independently. Support groups are available at various times throughout the week, including: Celebrate Recovery, Embrace Grace, Family Grace, Insight, Griefshare, and more. 

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Our team at Community Downtown is made up of professional, highly trained individuals who desire to serve God by helping others toward living a healthy lifestyle. Counselors are intentionally paired with clients based on need, availability, and specialty.

Scott Hundley | Director of Counseling & Community
Dana Bowling | LMHC  
Brittany Perez | LMHCA

Alison Kennedy | Office Coordinator
Jamie Evans | Office Assistant

Community Downtown also provides counseling services for local churches on a contractual basis through our Church Counseling Assistance Program (CCAP). For further information, contact our Director of Counseling Services by calling (812) 348-6257 or emailing .

CCAP Churches

  • Bean Blossom Community Church
  • Columbus First Church of the Nazarene
  • Columbus Free Methodist Church
  • Crossroads Community Church
  • Corner Stone Baptist Church
  • First Christian Church
  • Flintwood Wesleyan Church
  • Moravian Church of Hope
  • Nashville Christian Church
  • New Hope Christian Church
  • Ogilville Christian Church
  • Parkview Church of the Nazarene
  • The Ridge
  • Sandy Hook United Methodist Church
  • Westport Christian Church 

CCAP Counselors

Emily Brown
Lesley Boyd
Leslie Cain
Marcela Edwards
Tim Ferguson
Jessica Foster
Brenda Harris
Mark Johnson
Becky Montgomery
Brittany Perez
Jeff Sutton
Kathy Temple
Kara Wiser
Nate Walsh

Volunteering with CDT:

Select the area of interest and email the contact listed with your contact information so we can see where you might fit well.

CR INSIDE Jamie Evans 
CARE COMMUNITIES (support for foster and adoptive parents) Dana Bowling
MENS MERCY TEAM Carlos Laverty 
EMBRACE GRACE Lindsey Vanzant 
COMMUNITY DOWNTOWN (support group and other opportunities) Scott Hundley


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