We Want Your Kids To Love Church.

That’s why we’re committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and engaging environment tailored to help kids know Jesus and grow spiritually as they learn of His love and plan for their lives.


Sundays at Community Kids 

9:00am & 10:30am






Checking In

We recommend arriving a few minutes early before your first time visiting to check in your child to their classroom. As you and your child approach our check-in desks, you’ll be greeted by a member of our Community Kids Check-In Team who will help you register and create a nametag for your child plus a corresponding security tag for yourself at our computerized check-in location.

Please alert check-in personnel of any information that will help in caring for your child, such as allergies and special needs. You’ll then take your child to their designated classroom. All of the Community Kids Team have been through a screening process to ensure the safety of your child. Please note that parents are not allowed in these classrooms without a corresponding security tag.

Our Community Kid’s wing doors lock by 20 minutes after service begins and remain closed until the adult worship service has been dismissed. This is for the safety and security of the children. Adults picking up their child must also be wearing their child’s corresponding security tag – please show this to the doorkeeper as you pass through on your way to pick up your child. Here is our check-in policy.


Age Groups

Our Bible-based programs are designed so each child is cared for and instructed in an age-appropriate classroom environment. From nurturing care in the nursery to intriguing stories of Bible heroes in the elementary classrooms, your child will be loved, cared for, and guided through the Word of God in a way that motivates their spiritual growth.

Your young children will begin learning about the Bible and Jesus with our curriculum geared specifically for this young age group. Our nursery rooms are equipped with age-appropriate toys that are thoroughly cleaned each week and plenty of team members to hold and comfort your baby.

In our preschool rooms, kids will learn about the Bible through activities such as stories, crafts, and singing while given the opportunity to build relationships with their friends and teachers.

Every week our elementary kids get to experience dynamic worship, games, age-appropriate lessons, and prayer time while making friends.

In addition to our morning classes, our Preteen Ministry offers opportunities for preteens to meet on Sunday evenings with the intention to create a fun, energetic environment that allows this unique age group to really grow in their faith in Christ.


Community Kids Staff

Nursery – Preschool

Emily Gloeckner | Early Childhood Director |
Aimee Nguyen | Early Childhood Coordinator |
Keri Combs
| Little Seeds Preschool Coordinator |

Kindergarten – Sixth Grades

Karen Shelton | Elementary Director |
Hannah Poore | Elementary Coordinator |
Amy Franklin | Elementary Coordinator |

Resources for Parents

Media Release Statement: On occasion, CCC takes photos/videos and uses them to highlight ministry events as part of our church services, publications, websites and social media. It is our intent to honor the wishes of families with specific media concerns and provide regular opportunities to obtain consent or opt outs related to any online media use. Please keep in mind our 10:30 AM service is live-streamed, so families with concerns may want to attend 9:00 AM service - especially when children’s elements are included in the service. Link to Parent Preference Form


Recognizable - the photos include clear images of individuals that can be identified by others who know them.

Identifying Information - the photo includes text that includes names or personal information.

Legal Guidelines: 

Legally, churches are defined as public spaces.  Any picture taken in public that contains recognizable images of people, regardless of age, can be displayed without permission. However, CCC opts to work from a respectful, relational, and ethical position honoring the specified needs and preferences of families to the best of our ability.

CCC Media Releases

Beginning in August 2022, CCC will include media releases in Planning Center Profiles using customized fields that can be included in forms and registrations.  This common practice allows for ongoing tracking and communication of media releases and opt outs between all ministries as children progress through CCC. Link to Parent Preference Form

CCC Guidelines for Taking and Posting Photos:

  • The responsibility for upholding the media policy is on the part of the person sharing photos for posting and are reviewed by the person posting.

  • General volunteers with CCC should be instructed not to take or post photos related to CCC events. 

  • Refrain from posting pictures of children whose parents have opted out of the media release.

  • Avoid posting any personally identifiable information about the child. (including name tags)

  • When hosting an organized event with children, include media release fields in event registrations.

  • When possible, code name tags in a way that helps identify students whose photos should be omitted.

Considerations Checklist Prior to Sharing or Posting Photos:

  • Be sensitive to taking or posting photos that may be embarrassing, objectionable, hurtful

  • Reference and cross-check Media Release Opt Out List prior to posting

  • Block out recognizable faces or name tags as requested

  • Crop, edit, or remove photos as needed.

Throughout the New Testament, the Bible teaches that baptism is a public expression of worship symbolizing the new life we have when we follow Jesus. In the Bible we see that Jesus’ parents dedicated Him to the Lord (Luke 2:22–40), and He was later baptized as an adult (Matthew 3:16–17). Here at CCC, we support the commitment between the parents and God on the behalf of the child and provide opportunities for Baby Dedications periodically throughout the year. At this ceremony, the parents promise to raise their child in the faith until the child is old enough to make his or her own personal confession of Christ. To schedule a baby dedication, please contact Emily Gloeckner, our Director of Early Childhood Ministry.

Baby/Child Dedication Registration

This area is specially designed for mothers with infants to enjoy the Sunday service in a private environment where you can feed, change, and care for your baby. The service is streamed live in this area just for you. This room is located in the foyer, just beyond the ministry desks.

Get free transportation on Sunday mornings to our 10:30am service by hitching a ride on the CCC Bus! Available to adults and kids living within the Columbus city limits – To schedule a ride, call Bus Coordinator Leslie Johnson at (812) 374-3090.